Fix IOP according to central corneal thickness

Fix IOP according to central corneal thickness. IOP correction table used for adjusting intraocular pressure based on central corneal thickness (CCT). In order to adjust the IOP, just apply the correction factor on the right column to the intraocular pressure obtained by your tonometer. Then you’ll have the adjusted IOP.

Fix IOP according to central corneal thickness

Several pachymetry measuring methods are available, just remember to use the complete value, including the epitelium and endotelium. In case of imprecise measurements, repeat 3 times and use the average value.

Source: Patwardhan, Ashish A et al. “The importance of central corneal thickness measurements and decision making in general ophthalmology clinics: a masked observational study.” BMC Ophthalmology 8 (2008): 1 – 1.

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